Ian Herbert
Written by Peter   
Monday, 01 January 2007

Ian Herbert

Until recently Ian Herbert was a Senior Consultant working for the NHS on the National Programme for IT (NPfIT). He has previously led the team that produced the Update Primary Care System, which grew out of work undertaken as a Research Fellow at Exeter University.

He has worked on GP Systems Requirements for Accreditation, the NHS Healthcare Model and Episodes of Care, and was a member of two European projects concerned with computerised guideline support. He is an active member of the Primary Health Care SG. Ian sits on SGEC and is a Council member.Health Information Systems specialist with thirty eight years in Computing/Information Technology.  Career has encompassed wide experience of applications in environmental services, industry, and the NHS, and research in health informatics.  Has both management and technical skills including: project management, staff management, consultancy, systems analysis, design and programming.  Has played most PRINCE roles in projects.  Ability to work independently and to work well with others, to adapt to situations, to think in strategic terms, and to lead and motivate staff. 

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