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Written by Peter   
Friday, 15 February 2008

Several CHIRAD members were involved in the writing and editing of 'Nursing Informatics 2020: Towards Defining Our Own Future", published by IOS Press (>>> ).

The book forms the Proceedings of the  NI2006 Post Congress Conference, which was held in Korea in June 2006, immediately following the NI2006 9th International Congress on Nursing Informatics. The book is edited by, among others, CHIRAD members Peter Murray and Scott Erdley, while other CHIRAD members (Karl Oyri and Graham Wright) contributed to the event and to some of the chapters.

As Peter notes in the Foreword (written in his capacity as IMIA Vice President for Working Groups and Special Interest Groups): 

Over the past three years, Heather Strachan, immediate past Chair of IMIA-NI, and myself have been members of the IMIA Strategic Planning Taskforce ... As part of the work of the Taskforce, we had to think about what its members would like to see IMIA being and doing in the year 2015. It seemed natural, therefore, for IMIA-NI to formally think about the future of nursing, of nursing informatics, and the needs of both our own organizations and the wider nursing community. Hence, it was an opportune time to use the NI2006 Post Congress Conference to focus on these discussions; and, as nurses always like to think a little further ahead than their colleagues, we selected 2020 as our target date. ... 


The discussions within the Post Congress Conference recognized the role to be played by changing technologies in the ways in which we support and deliver care in the future, but they also clearly demonstrated that technology is only one part of the equation, and that many other factors must be borne in mind. We also acknowledged the need to explore not only the visible and predicable future, but also the less likely scenarios that may suddenly be thrust to the forefront of our attentions. ...

William Gibson's observation that 'the future is already here, it's just unevenly distributed', echoes many of our discussions and deliberations. Different combinations of the technologies can offer possibilities for differing solutions in different countries to the similar problems that we know many are likely to face. The exchange of ideas that is reflected in these proceedings offers opportunities to celebrate nursing's commonalities, while at the same time considering its necessary evolution and adaptation to new challenges. We know, from past experience, that locally, nationally and internationally, nurses can and will rise to those challenges.

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