The middle session of the morning is a panel, chaired by Jeff Goldsmith, and involving myself, Joyce Sensemeier and Kathryn Hannah. I am going to try and blog it ‘live’ as we go along. I’m not sure what effect this will have on the Talkr podcast … but we’ll see. Mary Etta Mills has introduced the panel members to those still here at SINI, although numbers are starting to thin as people begin to leave for home.

Jeff first asked whether, because of the different health systems (US, Canada, UK) nurses spend more time in direct care in other countries. Kathryn suggested documentation is for different reasons – and there nay be a little less due to lack of need to gather financial data.
Discussion continued on whether increases in government funding has resulted in better nursing care in the UK; discussion moved on to the movement of nurses from Third World to first world countries.

Joyce discussed a question about nursing involvement in the US national information infrastructure – and sees evidence of real nursing involvement and the effects of their understanding of healthcare and patient needs.

Jeff referred back to Kathryn’s talk and sought to clarify Kathryn’s point about nursing information systems – Kathryn clarified her point and the need she for nursing content in patient systems.

Peter answered some questions on the UK situation. A further question asked about patient-centred-records; Kathryn mentioned the Canadian context and Peter talked about UK government rhetoric on patient-centred and personal health records.

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