Following the ‘purple perils’ of last year’s SINI, the student volunteers and others (who are doing a great job) are all dressed in orange shirts – and some with fetching orange trousers too. For a little light relief, here is a list of the ‘Top Ten Reasons SINI Volunteers Love Wearing Orange Shirts’; this was provided by an anonymous source among the orange shirt wearers:

10. Looking like a healthy fruit strengthens our self-esteem.

9. Getting mistaken for a street barricade makes it safe and easy to cross the street.

8. Imitating an Orange Julius employee allows us to give our friends free drinks.

7. Keeps us safe when hunting with Dick Cheney!

6. Being visible from space makes Google Earth into a fun “Where’s Waldo” type game!

5. No need to turn on the lights in a dark room.

4. Fill in for Rudolph if he gets sick.

3. Finally! I have a shirt to wear to with my orange pants.

2. Can guide planes in to the gate just by waving our arms.

1. Works like camouflage when hiding in an orange tree!

Thanks for this – we look forward to seeing what colour is chosen for next year ;-))

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