UPDATE 31 December 2006: This blog is now ‘frozen’ as a historical archive. Due to moving it to a new hosting provider, some of the ‘bells and whistles’ may no longer work. Watch out for more blogs in 2007. 

The provision of conference blogs, such as this one, is still at early stage. So, we need your help to evaluate this blog, and the overall concept, so that we can determine how best to develop them in the future – and whether the model we are trying to develop works or not.

Rather than a lengthy structured questionnaire as we have used in the past year elsewhere, we invite any and all general and specific comments on the blog – whether you simply read it, or whether you posted a comment, or signed on as a blogger.

Some sample areas you might want to comment on (but do not feel constrained by these, or that you have to answer all of them) are:

  • was the blog easy to use? – if not, why not?
  • did the structure, format etc. work? – how could it be improved?
  • were there logistical problems (eg wifi access at Harrogate, or not time to log on) that stopped you contributing ?
  • does a conference blog provide any benefit to the community, or is it a waste of our time to provide it?

Feel free to add your thoughts as a comment to this post – or email Peter Murray on peter@open-nurse.info or Rod Ward on rod@rodspace.co.uk

Finally – thanks to John Bryant and Steve Kay in particular, and the HC Executive and Scientific Programme Committee, for their generous support that facilitated Rod and I in providing this blog.

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