February 2006

General10 Feb 2006 01:27 pm

Now you don’t even have to read this blog – you can lsten to it on your mp3 player. We have provided further enhancement to the functionality of this, the HC2006 blog by adding podcast audio files. This all done using some neat automated text-to-speech conversion software. We will be interested to hear readers’ and listeners’ views.

Currently there are two new additions:

1. Talkr files – for each full post (not comments yet) there is an mp3 audio file. This is generated automatically using Talkr (www.talkr.com). Click on the ‘Listen to this article’ link at the end of each post.
2. feed2podcast files – this produces a streaming audio file of the whole blog, in reverse chronological order. This is generated automatically using feed2podcast (www.feed2podcast.com).

We will be tweaking these to try and produce proper podcast files that you can download to your mp3 player. Please bear with us as we make improvements.

We think these new additions – which are probably a world first for a conference blog, and certainly for a health informatics event blog – provide interesting new possibilities. Even the effect of typo’s in the text-to-speech conversion add a certain delicious ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Update of 13 February: we have now added a Feedburner feed using the feed2podcast files, which gives you a second way of listening to the individual audio versions of each post. See http://feeds.feedburner.com/feed2podcast/TeBm or the Feedburner logo in the righthand column, to access or subscribe to these.

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Conference&Keynotes08 Feb 2006 03:41 pm

The latest version of the HC2006 conference programme is now available on the conference website – see http://www.health-informatics.org/hc2006prog.htm

This contains details of keynote speakers, the programme for each day, and the new ‘Understanding healthcare’ stream.

Keynote speakers include BCS President Charles Hughes, Dr Kenneth Robertson (Clinical Lead for IMI&T Scottish Executive Health Department), Dr David Heatley (Chief Technologist, Pervasive ICT Research Centre, BT Group) and Prof. Reinhold Haux, President-elect of IMIA.

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General&medinfo200703 Feb 2006 03:35 pm

medinfo2007, the World Congress on Medical Informatics, takes place in Brisbane, Australia, on August 20-24, 2007 – see www.medinfo2007.org. Watch out for the publicity at HC2006 and consider submitting a proposal for medinfo2007, or just attending – especially if you have never been to a medinfo. 2007 is IMIA‘s 40th birthday, so it should be a great event.

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