Conference&Exhibition&General23 Mar 2006 09:58 am

Perhaps a session on planning the future of HC events was not best held at 9:30 on a Wednesday morning, after the major social event of the previous event. For the few who attended the session, it provided an opportunity to input their views on the future of HC, as part of an ongoing process being undertaken by the HC Executive, and by BCS HIF and the Scientific Programme Committee in respect of the conference programme.

If you missed the session, do not despair – you can have your say. If you have any thoughts at all on the future of HC – what it should look like, what it should contain, where it should be held, when in the year it should be held, what target audience it should seek to attract, or any other aspect – then the HC Executive would like to hear your views.

You can leave a comment on this post – or send an email to Peter Murray on peter@open-nurse info and I will forward it. You will also, in due course, be able to input views through the conference website.

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Conference&Exhibition&Wednesday22 Mar 2006 12:18 pm

Wednesday morning started for me with an interesting tutorial on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and it’s potential for healthcare, led by Colin Jervis, Director, Kinetic Consulting Ltd

Colin started with a bit of context setting, particularly his suggestion that adverse events and medication errors may be our 4th biggest killer! He linked this to a common issues for clinicians, that when they are under pressure the patients needs come first and recording is left till later – previously described as the intensive care information paradox.

He gave a brief overview of passive (no battery) and active (with their own battery) RFID tags and the readers etc required for their use and touched on the different wavelengths (Low, High, UHP & microwave). He used a range of examples, primarily from the retail sector, before going on to look at their potential use in the more comploex and difficult clinical environment. He passed round example wristbands from companies such as Zebra which can have RFID tags inserted along with the barcodes etc and then listed 5 ways in which RFID could transform healthcare:

  • Identification
  • Tracking
  • Alerting
  • Recording Interventions
  • Sensing

A wide range of questions and potential appliations were raised by the audience including tracking blood products, surgical instruments and equipment and issues where the medical equipment may cause problems with “tuning in” tag readers to cope with background interference.

He pointed participants to the stand of Safe Surgery Systems Ltd for further information & I visited them later to find out a bit more and get materials I could use in education.

More details are available on Colin’s Blog Future Health IT

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Exhibition21 Mar 2006 12:01 pm

Having finally found time to wander around the exhibition, it does seem smaller and quieter than in previous years; a view supported by a totally unscientific random set of chats with some of the exhibitors.

Exhibition presence from various arms of the NHS (including CfH) seems much less than in previous years.

There seem to be a lot of medical dictation and transcription companies exhibiting. I had a chat with Tim Benson on the HL7 stand (www.hl7.org.uk) and an a look at an interesting bit of software called ‘browsealoud’ (www.browsealoud.com) which offers improved web access and interaction for people with disabilities and literacy difficulties, by ‘reading aloud’ website content.

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Exhibition20 Mar 2006 12:17 pm

A quick wander around the exhibition gave the impression that it slightly small than before , certainly with less of the massive stands.

Perhaps the most unusual is the lorry – the Pod-lite from PCCoaching see: http://www.pccoaching.com/nhs which offers mobile training facilities for NHS trusts who have a massive training requirement before the go lives for NCRS.

The other promotion which stood out was the walking mobile from Philips.

Pictures to follow

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Conference&Exhibition&General19 Mar 2006 01:55 pm

HC2006 starts tomorrow. Many people will be travelling to Harrogate today, and those who are involved in setting up the exhibition will have been there for a few days already.

Among the highlights of Monday’s opening will be:

  • an opening address from Charles Hughes, President of the British Computer Society (www.bcs.org.uk) on ‘Professionalism in IT’
  • the BCS Nursing Specialist Group AGM followed by our workshop titled ‘Communities, culture and coercion?’
  • some interesting-sounding sessions on access and accessibility, including a voice and foot-controlled talking computer.

We (that is, Peter and Rod) look forward to some active input to this blog from both those attending HC2006 and those reading from further afield. Feel free to talk to us about the blog – and you can leave messages at the Press Office.

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