General24 Mar 2006 08:04 am

UPDATE 31 December 2006: This blog is now ‘frozen’ as a historical archive. Due to moving it to a new hosting provider, some of the ‘bells and whistles’ may no longer work. Watch out for more blogs in 2007. 

The provision of conference blogs, such as this one, is still at early stage. So, we need your help to evaluate this blog, and the overall concept, so that we can determine how best to develop them in the future – and whether the model we are trying to develop works or not.

Rather than a lengthy structured questionnaire as we have used in the past year elsewhere, we invite any and all general and specific comments on the blog – whether you simply read it, or whether you posted a comment, or signed on as a blogger.

Some sample areas you might want to comment on (but do not feel constrained by these, or that you have to answer all of them) are:

  • was the blog easy to use? – if not, why not?
  • did the structure, format etc. work? – how could it be improved?
  • were there logistical problems (eg wifi access at Harrogate, or not time to log on) that stopped you contributing ?
  • does a conference blog provide any benefit to the community, or is it a waste of our time to provide it?

Feel free to add your thoughts as a comment to this post – or email Peter Murray on or Rod Ward on

Finally – thanks to John Bryant and Steve Kay in particular, and the HC Executive and Scientific Programme Committee, for their generous support that facilitated Rod and I in providing this blog.

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Conference&Exhibition&General23 Mar 2006 09:58 am

Perhaps a session on planning the future of HC events was not best held at 9:30 on a Wednesday morning, after the major social event of the previous event. For the few who attended the session, it provided an opportunity to input their views on the future of HC, as part of an ongoing process being undertaken by the HC Executive, and by BCS HIF and the Scientific Programme Committee in respect of the conference programme.

If you missed the session, do not despair – you can have your say. If you have any thoughts at all on the future of HC – what it should look like, what it should contain, where it should be held, when in the year it should be held, what target audience it should seek to attract, or any other aspect – then the HC Executive would like to hear your views.

You can leave a comment on this post – or send an email to Peter Murray on peter@open-nurse info and I will forward it. You will also, in due course, be able to input views through the conference website.

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General23 Mar 2006 09:51 am

We asked previously for your thoughts on what you hoped to get out of HC2006. Now it is over, we invite your comments – whether you were there, or whether you were reading this blog from afar – on what you got out of HC2006, or not, as the case may be.

So, feel free to add a comment on the highs and lows for you – what was good, what was not good – what you got out of it, or what you felt was missing.

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Conference&General23 Mar 2006 09:46 am

HC2006 is over – in the blink of an eye for those of us who were there. The Call for submissions for HC2007 is now available.

HC2007 will be held on 19-21 March 2007 at the usual venue. The theme will be ‘Challenging boundaries’. Watch the HC conference website – – for full details of the deadline for submission and further information.

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General&Social&Tuesday22 Mar 2006 09:23 am

Tuesday evening saw the main conference dinner, this started with drinks & a reception before the meal and during the meal some strange, muscial and very funny contributions from the Three Waiters. They managed to get everyone laughing and participating – much to the surprise of some of the international delegates and managed to embarress some of the ladies present. This was followed by Tom O’Connor, fake gambling and a disco.

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General21 Mar 2006 03:29 pm

According the E-Health Insider today (, the long-anticipated National Audit Office (NAO) report ‘is expected to be critical the implementation of the National Programme for IT for not getting clinicians on board’. See E-Health Insider for their full story.

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General21 Mar 2006 09:30 am

After the main conference and exhibition finished on Monday afternoon, I attended a reception for international delegates who were welcomed by the Mayor of Harrogate, who described many of the attractions the town has to offer.

This was followed by a curry at the Rajpoot with members of CHIRAD & guests.

The evening ended in the Bar at the Majestic.


Conference&General20 Mar 2006 04:21 pm

E-Health Insider ( is producing podcasts from HC2006. Go to their website and click on the new ‘Podcasts’ button on the lefthand menu.

The very first podcast is a short interview with Peter Murray, one of the primary co-authors of this blog.

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Conference&Exhibition&General19 Mar 2006 01:55 pm

HC2006 starts tomorrow. Many people will be travelling to Harrogate today, and those who are involved in setting up the exhibition will have been there for a few days already.

Among the highlights of Monday’s opening will be:

  • an opening address from Charles Hughes, President of the British Computer Society ( on ‘Professionalism in IT’
  • the BCS Nursing Specialist Group AGM followed by our workshop titled ‘Communities, culture and coercion?’
  • some interesting-sounding sessions on access and accessibility, including a voice and foot-controlled talking computer.

We (that is, Peter and Rod) look forward to some active input to this blog from both those attending HC2006 and those reading from further afield. Feel free to talk to us about the blog – and you can leave messages at the Press Office.

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General10 Feb 2006 01:27 pm

Now you don’t even have to read this blog – you can lsten to it on your mp3 player. We have provided further enhancement to the functionality of this, the HC2006 blog by adding podcast audio files. This all done using some neat automated text-to-speech conversion software. We will be interested to hear readers’ and listeners’ views.

Currently there are two new additions:

1. Talkr files – for each full post (not comments yet) there is an mp3 audio file. This is generated automatically using Talkr ( Click on the ‘Listen to this article’ link at the end of each post.
2. feed2podcast files – this produces a streaming audio file of the whole blog, in reverse chronological order. This is generated automatically using feed2podcast (

We will be tweaking these to try and produce proper podcast files that you can download to your mp3 player. Please bear with us as we make improvements.

We think these new additions – which are probably a world first for a conference blog, and certainly for a health informatics event blog – provide interesting new possibilities. Even the effect of typo’s in the text-to-speech conversion add a certain delicious ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Update of 13 February: we have now added a Feedburner feed using the feed2podcast files, which gives you a second way of listening to the individual audio versions of each post. See or the Feedburner logo in the righthand column, to access or subscribe to these.

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